Florida Fractional Lady

The founder and CEO of My Waterside Second Home, LLC is Marge Coffing. Now a Florida resident, Marge has lived in New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, both northern and southern California, and most recently in Georgia before coming to Florida. She has rehabbed houses in every state, beautifying America “one house at a time”. During her last 25 years in Atlanta she bought, rehabbed, and sold houses as well as developed programs to help other investors with her knowledge. www.MargeCoffing.com

The Fractional Lady Story

While living in Atlanta, Marge visited a friend’s second home located on St. Simons Island off the coast of Georgia. There she learned that the condo was actually owned by twelve golfing buddies who each had one month per year of ownership. What a concept! Shared ownership of a quality destination property – an idea that resonated with Marge. With her entrepreneurial spirit she was determined to bring the concept to her new community, the beautiful Gulf coast of western Florida. Local and global changes continue to strengthen her belief that shared ownership of a second home, based on percentage of use, is both appealing and practical. Wherever savvy buyers around the world want the best locations in a flexible lifestyle setting, you’ll find fractional ownership.

Marge’s lengthy experience in creating joint venture opportunities while living in Georgia provides the necessary background for her to evaluate potential properties for this proven concept, adapting whole ownership use to fractional ownership. She is a licensed Realtor with Beach and Luxury Realty, Inc. in St. Pete Beach, Florida.