Fractional Ownership


Fractional real estate has been one of the fastest-growing segments of the real estate industry. The fractional concept, though affected by the global real estate downturn, has proven to be relatively stable during these market fluctuations.


Fractionals are NOT your ordinary second home. Fractional buyers want the pleasure of a second home with luxury amenities and services, without the expense and hassle of full ownership.

A fractional owner benefits from shared costs, no management worries, less expensive access for a better place, beautiful surroundings well cared for by others, an appreciating asset, and a tax advantaged purchase.  For just a fraction of what a waterside second home in Florida or any premier destination would cost, fractional ownership provides a second home lifestyle with none of the headaches, such as the details of maintenance, taxes, or property management.

When you become a fractional owner, no longer will the home you live in for only a few weeks each year demand just as much money and maintenance as one you would inhabit year-round.

Have the best of all worlds – a luxurious vacation place to call your own without the hassles of home ownership. When you close the door after each visit, you leave all the troubles behind.

Does this add up for YOU? Fractional Ownership is:


Fractional ownership has been widely known commercially for the last 35 or so years, especially for the ownership of business jets where individuals or corporations match their aircraft purchases with their expected use patterns.

This concept of purchasing only what you need or use is perfect for second homes. Actually, for years family members and friends often joined forces to buy a home. Choosing this path cuts down on the costs and everyone gets to enjoy a home that’s more than just a hotel room and less than a year round maintenance headache. This old idea has taken on new life.

During the late 1990’s fractional ownership of vacation homes began to blossom in the United States. At the posh ski resorts of Colorado and Utah, real estate was so costly that wholly-owned second homes were out of the question for most people.  Since then fractionals have begun appearing in beach communities of California and the golf and beach-oriented communities like Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Recently residential fractionals on the East Coast have blossomed. A new, fractional-oriented industry has spread to other areas of the country, including Florida. Fractional or shared ownership is now seen as an emerging market trend in the rapidly growing leisure travel industry. Globally, fractional ownership is available at many top level resort areas.


Do you have the time, financial means, and lifestyle orientation to buy a second home? Maybe you’re retired, or your work is more flexible because of advances in technology. Or you may want a gathering place to bring extended families or friends together. Perhaps you’re ready to diversify household financial assets, or provide more balance to a portfolio once measured mostly by the S & P index.

A second home by definition is a luxury product, for the most part used only a portion of the time. Do you want a beach experience in your portfolio and on your calendar?  Yes, have your waterside second home! But say no to another job, the maintenance and management of that dream home.

Consider the benefits of the fractional approach to second home ownership: shared costs, no management worries, less expensive access for a better place, beautiful surroundings well cared for by others, an appreciating asset, and a possible tax-advantaged purchase.


Fractional Ownership – it just makes sense.

It’s smart, it’s sensible, it’s savvy, it’s sophisticated.


This “smart” second home is a concentration of assets for mutual benefit, so you can:

  1. Choose your lifestyle dream…and pay only for what you use
  2. Own desirable property in Florida which is the area most sought-after by buyers from around the world
  3. Enjoy a high quality product in a desirable resort area at a price less than whole ownership
  4. Get the convenience of a full-featured second home without the maintenance and cost hassles of actually owning all of it
  5. Lower your access cost to increase your financial flexibility
  6. Invest your money in wiser choices than taxes, insurance, and maintenance during your absence
  7. Eliminate financial responsibilities when you’re not there to enjoy your home
  8. Secure your future happiness while the supply of hotel and motel rooms in beach communities continues to shrink

Get “A second home in Florida at a fraction of the cost, a second home lifestyle with none of the headaches”.