Global Locations

A Worldwide Phenomenon

Fractional real estate worldwide has been one of the fastest-growing and strongest segments of the real estate industry. Locations currently stretch from the United States to the European continent, from the Caribbean to Mexico, the Turks and Caicos, the British Isles to Costa Rica and other world-class destinations. The pace of development,steadily building since the late 1990′s, was slowed by the downturn in the global financial community. However, shared-ownership resort real estate is currently viewed as likely to rebound more rapidly and more strongly than whole-ownership real estate. Deeded shares through Traditional Fractionals and the more deluxe Residence Clubs continue to grow in popularity worldwide.  This niche concept is based on personal use rather than speculation. As it becomes better known, with a continuing high quality product, and with a relatively few opportunities for purchase, perceived value in the product will continue to increase.

Why are Fractionals so Attractive?

Vacation Homes, Business Week, Time, NY Times, Yachting Life, Realtor® Magazine, Escape Homes, International Herald Tribune, and Wall Street Journal …all have testified to the phenomenal growth of fractionals in the market place.  Fractionals are stable and have been the fastest growing sector of the resort real estate industry. In the “new normal” economy, a fractional interest meets the needs of today’s affluent, thrifty, and financially savvy clientele – the careful spenders and aggressive savers who live within their means and exercise prudent financial judgment.

Choose Your Lifestyle Property

The “Portfolio of Waterside Fractional Homes” proudly presents the ten different lifestyles; all are available on the Pinellas beaches and waterways, some are available in different global locations. Each lifestyle is distinctive, though often a fractional home may qualify to be included in two or three lifestyle categories.

Do you want beach, or beach access?  Is boating your pleasure? The zoom of jet skis, or high powered motor craft?  Sailboats to watch, or to sail? It’s important that you live the lifestyle that you desire, and we’ll help in the selection process as needed. Let us know, for instance, if you need a pet-friendly second home, or what size lift you need for your boats and watercraft, or whether you prefer a home with an elevator, or a gated community.  We’ll also help you customize personal preferences for your second home experience with optional packages of your choice.

The pricing of all fractionals is weighted, with time between November and April being slightly higher on Florida’s west coast, and globally variable based on weather patterns. 

Lifestyle property choices include:




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